How to make a Foreign Currency Time Deposit with Special Interest Rate Plan


Login to PowerDirect.
Select "FX Buy/Sell" tab.


Tap "Deposit" or tap the "interest rate" corresponding to the currency under the "Foreign Currency Time Deposits with Special Interest Rate Plan".


Customers who have not completed their registration for "Customer's investment objective, investment experiences and situation of financial assets" will be required to answer questions 1~9 before purchasing the financial product.
Please answer the questions for customer's investment objective and investment experiences and tap "Next".

- Customers who have already registered this information will not see this screen and proceed to STEP5.


Confirm the information entered and your Risk Tolerance Level shown below and tap "Accept". If "6. Attitude toward investment" on "customer's investment objective, investment experiences and situation of financial assets" is registered as "I only want to have capital-safe product", you will not be able to apply for this financial product.


Select currency and tap "Deposit" button.
- If you have already chosen interest rate on STEP2, you will proceed to STEP6.


Select the account to be debited and enter the amount.


Please confirm all the information shown on the page. If you agree, please tick all the check boxes. You cannot proceed without reading "Foreign Currency Deposits pre-contract document".
Enter your "PIN" and tap "NEXT".


Please confirm the transaction details (interest rate, term, etc.) and the applicable exchange before clicking on "Submit".
(You will also be able to confirm the most recent exchange rate by clicking on "Refresh").
Then, your transaction is now complete.