How-to Guide: Register PowerFlex Bank Account

* We will perform our prescribed confirmation after you have made your application following the below process.

* After confirming we will send you an email with instructions. Please access the precedure form via the URL shown in the email and fill in the required items.

(1) Select "Procedures" from the menu on the left.

(2) Select "Register PowerFlex Account"

(3) Enter your SBI SHINSEI account details.

* You can only register an account in your name.

(4) Confirmation screen:Confirm your account details and tap "Apply".

(5) After applying, you will receive an email on or after the following business day. Please access the procedure form via the URL shown in the email and input the required information.

* The information you will be required to input is your SBI Shinsei Bank account number, your PIN, your date of birth, and your registered mobile phone number as registered with SBI Shinsei Bank.

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