How-to Guide: Add/Change of Beneficiary Account Details

(1) Tap "Requests" on the home screen.

(2) Tap "New" at the top-right.

(3) Select "Beneficiary Bank Country" and "Currency".

(4) Input Beneficiary Bank details.

(5) Input Beneficiary Account details

(6) Input "Source of funds"and "Purpose of Transfer".

(7) Confirmation screen: Tap the "Display Restricted Transactions" button and confirm that your application does not fall under any of the restricted transactions shown on the displayed web page.

(8) After confirming, return to the app screen, check the box and tap the "I agree to the above and apply" button.

(9) Complete

※Registration may take a few business days.

※After our screening and registration procedures are complete you will receive a message in the app and an email to your registered email address.

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