September 2016

New transactions are added to the E-mail Alert Service

From Tuesday October 4, 2016, you will receive an e-mail alert for the following additional transactions.

  • Domestic ATM fund withdrawal
  • Money transfer (furikomi) via Shinsei PowerDirect (PC, Smartphone)
  • J-Debit use

What is an E-mail Alert?

E-mail Alert is a notification service that sends alerts to your registered e-mail address via internet banking (Shinsei PowerDirect). For example, you receive an e-mail alert when you change your password, use an international ATM or change your details.

You can immediately identify any unknown transactions and help minimize damage due to fraudulent activity.

For further details

Register / Change your e-mail address

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If you have not registered yet, please register now. We encourage you to make use of this service and enhance your personal security.

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If you changed your e-mail address, please inform us of your new e-mail address at your earliest convenience.

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