Notice regarding the release of the "Shinsei Bank Overseas Remittance Application GoRemit" smartphone app.

Thank you for using the GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service.

On July 2, 2018, we will release the Smartphone App "Shinsei Bank Overseas Remittance Application GoRemit" for individual customers.

With this release, we aim to provide an even more convenient overseas remittance service to our customers by adding the ability to send funds via GoRemit by withdrawing directly from your yen or foreign currency deposits in a "Shinsei PowerFlex Account" (hereinafter "PowerFlex"). This App is available in both Japanese and English, making it a great option for foreign residents with high overseas remittance needs.

"Shinsei Bank Overseas Remittance Application GoRemit" Features

Main Features

  1. New Customer Applications
  2. Adding / Changing of Beneficary Account Details
  3. Sending of remittance request instructions*1
  4. Remittance History inquiries*2
  5. Exchange Rate Reference / Commission Fee Simulation
  6. Biometric authentication support
  • *1When remitting by withdrawing directly from your Shinsei PowerFlex Yen deposit account or Foreign currency deposit account, remittance request instructions must be sent from this application.
  • *2Remittance History inquiries are available only for remittances made after January 29, 2018 (Monday)

For details please click here

Existing GoRemit Customers (Individuals)

If you are already registered with GoRemit and wish to use this application, you need to apply for the GoRemit Overseas Remittance Online Service separately. (Please note that you can not apply from this application.) Please check the registration method on the following page, before applying.

We sincerely look forward to your continued support of GoRemit.

Jul 2018
Shinsei Bank