[GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service] Notice of Commencement of Shinsei Step Up Program Preferential Service

Thank you for using the GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service.

From August 1st 2019 (Thu), in addition to the existing preferential 1 free overseas remittance per month (excluding domestic foreign currency remittances) for customers who hold the Shinsei Platinum stage, Platinum customers will also be eligibile for 1 free remittance per month when making overseas remittances /domestic foreign currency remittances from a PowerFlex account via the GoRemit app.

The "GoRemit Overseas Remittance Service" doesn't require visiting a branch, you can make overseas remittances /domestic foreign currency remittances from a Shinsei Bank account all from the smartphone app. For more details, please see our GoRemit guidance page.

Additionally, on 1st October 2019 (Tue), we will cease accepting overseas remittance requests at branches and via our call center, after which remittances will only be accepted online via the GoRemit app. Customers planning to make a remittance after this date are advised to register with GoRemit at their earliest convenience. For more details on how to apply, please see our application flow page.

[Caution regarding Preferential Service for Platinum Customers]

  • To be eligible for the Preferential Service for Platinum Customers, after registering with the GoRemit app customers must register a Shinsei PowerFlex account in their name with the app. After registration is complete an in-app message and email will be sent. The preferential service cannot be used until this confirmation mail has been received.
  • When making a remittance in the same month as registering a Shinsei PowerFlex account, the remittance fee will be refunded to customers at the beginning of the following month. When making a remittance in the months after registering a Shinsei PowerFlex account, the first remittance of any given month will be free of charge when making a remittance request via the app .
  • This preferential service is not applicable when making a domestic transfer to our collection account.
  • After making a remittance request from the GoRemit app, the free remittance for that month will be considered used even if the remittance is cancelled or the funds are returned for any reason.

For more details about Shinsei Step Up Program, please click here.

August 2019