Our Services Related to Era Name Change and 10-day Holiday

In celebration of the Imperial succession, a 10-day holiday will start from Saturday, April 27, 2019 to Monday, May 6, 2019 .

Shinsei Bank is making preparations in order not to inconvenience our customers, but some transactions may be affected right before and right after the holiday period. The branches may be crowded right before and after the holiday period and may therefore take more time to serve customers than usual. Customers are advised to visit the Head Office/branches well in advance.

In addition, we kindly ask our customers to make necessary transactions well in advance right before and right after the holiday period.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Business/Service Hours during the 10-day holiday


The Shinsei Bank Head Office/branches will be closed during the 10-day holiday.

Branch Locations

Home Mortgage

Consultations and loan contract related services at the branch and Housing Loan center will be closed during the 10-day holiday. The Home Mortgage call center will be operating as usual (9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.).

Home Mortgage

ATM services

Shinsei Bank cash cards will be available as usual at our partner ATMs.

Customers are encouraged to withdraw any necessary cash before the holiday period since some ATMs may not be available due to business hours of the establishments where the ATMs are installed or maintenance of the ATMs.


Shinsei PowerDirect

Excluding maintenance periods, online banking will be available as usual.

Maintenance Information

Shinsei PowerCall (call center)

The call center will be operating as usual. Please confirm the detailshere. Please be aware that It may take more time than usual to respond to some inquires or requests.

Inquires by WebForm (email) will be answered the following business day after the 10-day holiday. It may take more time than usual to reply to your questions.

Live Chat will not be available during this period.


Important Points to Note

We will be constantly updating "Important points to Note".

Information will be updated accordingly. Please check the details below for the latest information.

Funds transfer

Fund transfers made to other banks after the cut-off time for same day transfers on Friday, April 26th will be made on Tuesday, May 7th.

Fund transfers between Shinsei Bank accounts through Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet banking) will be available 24 hours.

Overseas remittances may require more time than usual to process because we will need to confirm the purpose of transaction.

Funds transfer

Direct debit (automatic withdrawals)

Direct debit dates (automatic withdrawals) during the 10-day holiday will be delayed to Tuesday, May 7th or later. (Please be aware some Direct debit dates may be withdrawn at an earlier date.)

Customers are advised to contact their respective credit card companies, shopping credit companies, utility companies, and local governments (for tax and pension) for details.

Direct debit

Foreign currency transactions

Foreign currency buying and selling are available via Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet banking), Shinsei PowerDirect (Smartphone Authentication), and Shinsei PowerCall (served by operators and automated voice service) during the 10-day holiday.

However, please note that the maximum limit per transaction will be changed depending on the type of transaction. (There is no maximum limit for the total amount of transactions per day.)

Foreign currency deposits

GoRemit Overseas Remittance Service

Due to predicted congestion of transactions immediately before and after the holiday period, transactions may take longer than normal to process. In particular, there is a possibility that we may not be able to complete all pending transactions on the first day of business after the holiday period.

We will do everything in our power to prevent any inconvenience to customers, however we would greatly appreciate it if customers planning to make remittances around this time could either make their payments early or delay them slightly to avoid transactions immediately before or after the 10 day holiday period.

GoRemit Overseas Remittance Service

Home Mortgage

Prepayment will be accepted during the holiday period but will be processed on May 7th (Tuesday).

If the monthly scheduled payment is not withdrawn on April 26th, the next withdrawal date will be on May 7th. Please make sure to deposit your funds well in advance.

Home Mortgage


The services/transactions mentioned below may take more time than usual to process. We apologize for any inconveniences and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Account opening for Shinsei PowerFlex accounts, mutual fund account openings, other various procedures (including account closures)

Change of era name


Customers can use checks with issued with the date "Heisei" (平成) as is, even after the era name has changed.

  • We will be able to accept checks with the dates "Heisei" (平成) and "Reiwa (the new era name) gannen" (令和元年).
  • Payments will be processed by reading "Heisei" (平成) as the new era name, even if the checks do not have a correction stamp or have not been revised to the new era name.
  • Some time is needed until we prepare new checks with the new era name. For a certain period of time after the new era name is announced, customers will receive checks with "Heisei" (平成) crossed out and replaced with the new era name.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019
Shinsei Bank

<Please be wary of fraudulent crimes>

Fraudulent activities have been reported nationwide. Fraudsters representing themselves as a policeperson or a banker try to obtain account number and PIN by phone and withdraw money online or with a forged card. Shinsei Bank will never ask you to provide confidential information such as your account number, PIN, etc. and will never visit you to receive your cash card.