Notice to customers making overseas remittances(Updated Aug 21, 2019)

Recently, measures implemented to prevent money laundering and the supply of funds to terrorist organizations have become increasingly important in response to the increase of terrorism, etc. in the international society. Shinsei Bank is also striving to implement and uphold such measures.

In order to continue offering customers a convenient overseas remittance service while also performing necessary checks relating to remittances, in July 2018 we released our popular GoRemit smartphone application (hereinafter, "GoRemit app") which allows all procedures to be done online.

On the other hand, we will cease to accept remittance requests by Shinsei PowerCall (contact center) or at the Bank Counter from 1st October 2019, and all transactions of overseas remittances will be accepted online via our GoRemit app only. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Customers planning to make overseas remittances/domestic overseas remittance in the future are strongly encouraged to sign up for the GoRemit app. With the GoRemit app, sign up, remittances requests, uploading of necessary documents can be processed entirely on the app.

  • Customers must apply separately to use the GoRemit app.
  • From 1st August, 2019, Shinsei Platinum Customers are entitled to make one free overseas fund transfer per month via GoRemit App only from Shinsei PowerFlex Account (Also applicable to domestic Foreign Currency remittances).
  • You can check your remittance history in the GoRemit app, as well as save/print in PDF format. An "Advice of Transfer" will also be sent by postal mail to your registered home address after making remittances.

Main features of the GoRemit app.

  • Register beneficiary accounts
  • Submit necessary documents online via the app
  • Make remittance requests
  • Check remittance history in the GoRemit app, as well as save/print in PDF format

Click here for details on the GoRemit app.

Updated: Aug 21, 2019
Notice dated Mar 27, 2019