Handling of Anonymously Processed Information

In order to provide higher value-added products and services to our customers, SBI Shinsei Bank will create and provide Anonymously Processed Information (i.e. masked data)(※1) for the following information the Bank owns by implementing appropriate masking standards stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law and provide the information to third parties in a continuous manner.

※1 What is Anonymously Processed Information?
Anonymously Processed Information is personal information processed to prevent identification of specific individuals and restoration of the subject personal information.
Reference: Guidelines Regarding the Personal Information Protection Law (Personal Information Protection Committee)

Information items related to individuals

  1. Attribute information such as gender, age (age group), occupation (sector) and address (residence area)
  2. Contract information such as the type of the contract, dates of application and contract and terms and conditions of the contract
  3. Transaction information such as the details, amount and balance of the transaction
  4. Information needed for making decisions on and managing the transaction such as annual income, spending, assets, liabilities, appraisal information, the history of using other products and services gathered by the Bank and debt repayment status (excluding the credit information obtained from personal credit information agencies)

Example of Anonymously Processed Information※2

Item Before Masking Item After Masking
Address 4-3, Nihonbashi Muromachi 2-chome, Chuo Ward, Tokyo Residence area Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Gender Female Gender Female
Age 52 Age group 50 - 54
Annual income JPY5.18M Annual income range JPY5M-6M
Balance JPY6.4M Balance range JPY6M-7M

※2 The above is one example of data masking and is not intended to limit data masking methods used by SBI Shinsei Bank.

Method of providing Anonymously Processed Information

We will encrypt our data file and provide the Information using the following security-implemented method.

  • Upload the Information so that third parties can use the Anonymously Processed Information.