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Paying your Bills

Pay your regular bills like your rent by fund transfer
using PowerDirect (online banking), or by applying for automatic withdrawal (direct debit) service

Pay by online fund transfer (Furikomi)

Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Make a payment via PowerDirect anytime you wish.

  • Log in to PowerDirect and go to the transfers menu.
  • Enter in the necessary account information* for the company that issued the bill.
    *Account information needed is bank name, branch name, account type, account number and beneficiary name.
  • Enter the amount shown on your bill and complete the transfer.
    You will be able to register the payee information when making a transfer so that you don't have to enter all the account information next time you make a transaction.

For more detail, please visit “How to make a domestic fund transfer”.

For more detail, please visit “How to make a domestic fund transfer”.

Pay by automatic withdrawal (Kouza furikae)

Automatic withdrawal 口座振替 (Kouza furikae) is one of the convenient ways to pay for your utility bills.
You can arrange to have bills automatically paid out of your bank account.
Please ask the payee company if you can apply for automatic withdraw services using your SBI Shinsei Bank account.

  • Get an application form for automatic withdrawal from the company.
  • Provide your PowerFlex account information on the application form and then return it to the utility company. It will usually takes about a month for the application to be processed.
    Please bear in mind most application forms will require you to stamp your registered seal (Inkan). If you have registered a signature with SBI Shinsei Bank, no worries, place your signature in a single line in the area where you stamp the seal, which will usually be a small circle or box. The signature may extend from the box or circle, but we must be able to verify your signature in a single line.
  • Once the automatic withdrawal procedure is completed, you will receive notification from the utility company.

Once set up, bills will be debited automatically and you don´t have to lift a finger.

Please contact us at PowerCall (0120-456-022) to confirm if you can set up an automatic payment for your utilities. For payment of credit cards, mobile phones and other bills, please contact the respective companies for instructions.

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