Open an account by mail

No need to visit a branch

Who can open an account?

  • You must be a resident of Japan.
  • You must have resided in Japan for over 6 months or more, or working in a company with a office located in Japan. This will exclude part-time jobs. For more details, please click here.
  • You must own a personal Japanese telephone number. The phone number at your workplace or someone else's phone number will not be accepted.


  • Those who have resided less than 6 months after entering Japan and who are not working in Japan or those who have diplomatic, official, or short-term visa status.
  • Corporate application
  • Post office box address
  • Joint accounts

- Customers who are classified as Foreign Politically Exposed Persons, PEPs will be required to open their account in person at the branch.

Required identification documents

Please confirm you have all required documents for your application.
- Customers who classify as U.S. citizens under U.S. taxation laws will be required to provide additional documents.

How To Open an Account

Step 1: Download an application form or request a Starter Kit

Step 1: Apply online or download an application form

Please choose from the following options: 'Apply online' or 'Download an application form'.

- If you apply online, a printed application form will be sent to your address in approximately 1 week.
Please note that if the printed application form we sent is returned to us marked as “Address unknown” or “Recipient unknown” etc., we will not resend it. Please ensure that you enter your name and address accurately to receive your application form promptly.

PowerFlex Customer Agreement

Foreign Currency Savings Deposit (Product description and Pre-contract document)

Step 2: Send the application form and IDs back by mail
Step 2: Send the application form and IDs back by mail

Enclose all the necessary documents in an envelope and send it to the bank.
Processing will take about 7-10 business days.

- Please note that we do not return the account application forms or identification documents once they are submitted.

Step 3: Receive your cash card
Step 3: Receive your cash card

Cash card and PIN will be sent separately. The cash card is sent as simple registered mail (Kani kakitome), and the PIN is sent as acceptance-recorded mail (Tokutei kiroku yubin). For security reasons, they may arrive on different days.

Cash card, Security Code and Card PIN

- The cash card may not be embossed with your full name due to limits on the number of letters.

- Simple registered mail (Kani kakitome) and acceptance-recorded mail (Tokutei kiroku yubin) are mail services that record delivery. If the mail is delivered during your absence, you will receive a "Contact form for absence of mail, etc." and the mail will be brought back to the post office. Please request post office to redeliver the mail. For details, please check post office's website.

Make a deposit and start using the account.