Capital Financing

Corporate Loans

Utilizing its extensive experience and good track record in the area of corporate finance, we provide a wide variety of loans (short-term, long-term, foreign-currency denominated loans, etc.) to meet the diverse funding needs of our customers. Furthermore, we offer various interest rate type products including fixed rate, floating rate, and interest rate caps.

Loan Syndication

  • In loan syndication, we create a syndicate by bringing together a group of multiple financial institutions, which in turn provides a loan to the borrower under one contract with the same loan terms and conditions for all lenders.
  • Loan syndication allows customers to efficiently borrow large sums, in addition to enabling the borrower to initiate transactions with a number of new financial institutions, leading to the diversification and stabilization of its financing.
  • The syndicate agent is responsible for all administrative operations and, therefore, operations such as settlements will be streamlined, reducing the administrative burdens of finance officers.

Loan Arrangement

  • If a customer so wishes, we are able to assist customers in receiving loans by performing a search for lender candidates (e.g. regional financial institutions, etc.) that are willing to provide a loan under the terms and conditions requested by the customer.
  • While keeping in mind the terms and conditions requested by the customer, we work to ensure the satisfaction of individual financial institutions in the final loan terms and conditions, which maximizes the amount the customer is able to borrow while also suppressing funding costs.
  • As the loan transaction itself is based upon negotiations between the customer and the lending financial institution, the customer is able to expand their financing network.

SBI Shinsei Bank's Strengths

SBI Shinsei Bank maintains a close network with regional banks and other financial institutions throughout Japan, enabling it to centrally comprehend the lending needs of these business partners, and in turn identify lenders who can accommodate the various requests and needs of its customers.