Ship Finance

Ship owner finance is a method of finance (corporate loan) that utilizes a structured ship subsidiary registered in places such as Panama and various types of collateral (such as mortgage on the ship, assignment of ship charter fee receivables, etc.) where the main source of repayment is cash flows generated from the ship (ship charter fee). SBI Shinsei Bank provides custom-made support to its customers who have ship purchasing needs.

Structure Example

Loan targets

Ship finance is mainly provided for ocean-going vessels (new and secondhand) which are hired by prominent domestic and overseas operators. Ship types include bulk carriers, container ships, automobile carriers, oil tankers, LPG carriers, and so on, and we strive to meet the diverse and varied needs of our customers.

Loan amounts

Loan amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis within the scope of the acquisition price of a ship, taking into account factors such as the profitability of the transaction and market value of the ship.

Borrowing periods

Borrowing periods of loans are determined on a case-by-case basis but will, as a general rule, be within the ship charter contract period, including the construction period.

In addition to the above ship owner finance, we offer other financing options such as limited recourse finance in the form of operating leases of ships and financing for LNG carrier projects.