Private Equity

Shinsei Corporate Investment provides investment services to customers, focusing on venture, buy-out and impact investments.

① Venture Investment

We provide equity for domestic start-ups in IT and other growth area.

We support business creation and growth through providing equity and post-investment support with leveraging SBI Shinsei Bank Group’s network.

We invest in early, middle and later stage venture companies through the fund. In addition, we provide equity to venture companies outside these area such as biotech and seed stage startups through industry or stage focused funds that we have established with external business partners with expertise in specific areas.

② Buy-out Investment

The Buyout Investment Team at Shinsei Corporate Investment utilizes its own funds and provides "hands-on" management support to small and medium sized enterprises with business succession needs.

Our potential customers would include but are not limited to customers with the following needs:

  • Enterprises in need of a successor to manage their business but do not have strong candidates either within the company or amongst relatives, and require additional time to raise a successor
  • Enterprises seeking a trustworthy partner that will buy and hold company shares while making the business grow together

As a general rule, we require a majority ownership stake in the enterprise it is investing in via a fund structure. Shinsei Corporate Investment will then work to add value to and increase the enterprise's total value by dispatching professionals to the enterprise in order to assist in the restructuring of management, refining business growth strategies and executing business plans.

③ Impact Investment

Impact Investment Team aims to secure both economic and social returns through investment activities.

The team currently manages two impact investment funds, i.e. the first impact investment fund managed by a Japanese banking group setup (vintage: Jan 2017) and the second fund involving 11 institutional investors in Japan (vintage: June 2019). The team aims to create a sustainable society by focusing on “working people”, and is targeting “childcare, nursing care, and new work style-related businesses” such as follows:

  • worker-oriented companies contributing to building an environment where people in different situations can continue working despite their life events such as child and nursing care,
  • educational and nursing care service providers contributing to developing next-generation talent, and
  • the companies supporting child and nursery care balance. The Fund will invest in early-to-later stage companies with JPY100 million to JPY500 million per investment

The team provides growth capital and management supports to early-to-later-stage startups.
It is also worth highlighting that the team makes stationary measurement of the “social impact” derived from startups’ business activities, in order to visualize the degree of the social contribution and share such information among the parties involved.