Policy for Sales of Financial Products

When recommending and conducting sales of financial products, SBI Shinsei Bank staff are governed by the following policy, which is designed to protect the best interests of our customers.

  • SBI Shinsei Bank will recommend suitable financial products based on an understanding of the customer's financial conditions, investment experience and contract objectives.
  • SBI Shinsei Bank will provide sufficient information, including risks and fees as well as advantages of the product, to allow the customer to make an informed purchase decision at the customer's own discretion.
  • SBI Shinsei Bank employees will strictly abide by all related laws and regulations, and endeavor not to engage in sales activities at times or places inconvenient to the customer.
  • SBI Shinsei Bank employees will provide impartial, unbiased advice on financial products, supplying the customer with clear and truthful information and explaining any associated risks.
  • SBI Shinsei Bank employees are thoroughly trained to provide professional advice and to avoid inappropriate sales activities. The Bank has a comprehensive system of in-house supervision to ensure that these guidelines are strictly followed.