Renewable Energy Finance

SBI Shinsei Bank is stepping up its efforts to arrange financing in the following areas of renewable energy:

  • Solar power generation (mega solar)
  • Wind power generation
  • Biomass power generation
  • Geothermal power generation

Our strengths are demonstrated most noticeably in project financing that requires an in-depth project analysis. We accurately evaluate the economics of projects without excessively relying on the credit standing of project entities, and propose optimum fundraising methods to a broad range of Japanese and overseas customers.

Koyo Electric Mega Solar(Koyo Electric Co., Ltd.)

Koyo Electric Mega Solar
(Koyo Electric Co., Ltd.)

Mega solar in Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido(Sojitz Corporation)

Mega solar in Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido
(Sojitz Corporation)

JRE Sakata Wind Power Plant(Japan Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.)

JRE Sakata Wind Power Plant
(Japan Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.)

In particular, we have arranged many large-scale project financing deals for the solar power generation businesses.
With respect to other renewable energy sources that are expected to further grow in the future such as wind power, we work together with businesses to analyze projects from an early stage and provide a variety of advice to achieve smooth fundraising.