Wealth Management <Services for Corporate Owners>

Corporate Owners are multi-tasked as CEOs, owners, individuals as well as members of respective families and therefore characterized as customers with variety and complexity of own unique needs. You also require confidentiality of your personal and family related matters, segregated from corporate activities. SBI Shinsei Bank’s Wealth Management Division (“WMD”) serves such Corporate Owners with its professional private bankers. WMD Private Bankers with long track records and expertise, work for the benefit of Corporate Owners to come up with tailor-made solutions by utilizing resources available within and around SBI Shinsei Bank Group.

One-Stop Services – WMD Private Banker Provides

WMD is the professional division specifically designed to serve unique needs of Corporate Owners.

SBI Shinsei Bank’s Private Bankers are professionals highly sophisticated in both areas of personal banking and corporate banking, with long and diverse business experience in finance, asset management and advisory services.

SBI Shinsei Bank distinguishes itself with highly specialized expertise in the areas of structured finance and advisory services. Fully leveraging such specialties and all the resources of SBI Group, we professional Private Bankers provide one-stop solutions for the best interest of clients.

Our Services

  • Loans (real estate loans, financial products loans) (*1)
  • Asset management support (JPY and foreign currency deposits, financial service intermediary)
  • Foreign Exchange, domestic and overseas fund transfer
  • Advisory services for business partnership, M&A and capital strategies
  • Introduction of SBI Group companies and external professionals (*2)

*1 listed stocks, bonds, mutual funds, JPY & Foreign currency deposits

*2 e.g. tax advisors, real estate agencies

Wealth Management Division serves mainly owners of listed or unlisted corporations, their family and family asset holding companies. We have specific account opening procedures when customers start banking with WMD, and our account opening procedure applies customers who, in principle, deposit JPY 300 million or more with SBI Shinsei Bank (including assets under management based on financial service intermediary) , or those who use WMD's loan.