Healthcare Finance

Due to the unprecedented level of decline in Japan's birth rate as well as the aging of its population, SBI Shinsei Bank has been engaged in the offering of non-recourse loans for fee-paying senior homes and housing for the elderly since 2004, far ahead of other banks.

Our Healthcare Finance Division, which specializes in loans to senior care and medical service industries, was established in July 2010 in order to better enable us to engage in extending loans to these sectors. Since its establishment, we have proactively engaged in transactions in these areas, ranging from asset finance for nursing facilities for the elderly to providing corporate finance to medical corporations and nursing care business operators.

In addition to disbursing loans, by establishing a special section composed of a specialist team including employees who are qualified in the management of medical service and senior care business or have a detailed knowledge of such industries, we have accumulated advanced and unique financial technologies and information in the area of healthcare business finance.

While promoting transactions with fee-paying senior home operators, medical corporations and investors, we remain engaged in activities that contribute to the further development of healthcare business in Japan.

Types of healthcare facilities for which loans can be granted:

  • Fee-paying senior homes (e.g. specific facilities, fee-paying residential-type nursing homes)
  • Housing for the elderly with services (nursing care, independent living)
  • Hospitals, nursing care facilities for the elderly

Financial services offered:

  • Non-recourse loans secured by fee-paying nursing homes, housing for the elderly with services, hospitals, etc. as collateral
  • Corporate loans to fee-paying nursing home operators, medical corporations, etc.
  • Financial advisory service for fee-paying nursing home operators including advisory services on management strategies, information provision for M&A, etc.