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New Business Areas

SBI Shinsei Bank provides cash flow finance in new business areas centered on the arrangement of project finance for businesses considering entry into the following renewable energy power generation businesses; wind-generated, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass and power-related projects.

Many renewable energy projects are local-production and local-consumption projects. Our specialized team in the new business areas promotes local-production and local-consumption projects with regional financial institutions while working together with our product sections and our relationship managers in branches.

It is expected that more and more infrastructure projects will take advantage of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in the future. SBI Shinsei Bank will actively apply our know-how developed in renewable energy projects to PFI projects.

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Regional Development

As a Bank that is involved in both upstream and downstream industries and having a network throughout Japan, SBI Shinsei Bank looks to enhance cooperation with its retail branch customers, regional financial institutions, other industries, and academics, and by doing so, the Bank looks to support regional companies in entering into different industry types, new businesses and developing business overseas through the provision of finance and management solutions.

SBI Shinsei Bank, while bearing in mind risk-sharing and local-production and local-consumption in regional communities, will promote initiatives that lead to the development of regional industries, which in turn will lead to employment and improvements in incomes in regional areas.


The main business area of healthcare finance is the financing of medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, and senior housing. In particular, there is strong growth potential in the financing of senior housing and nursing homes, and we believe it to be a business environment where the Bank can actively utilize our real estate securitization and financial technology expertise.

In Japan, there is a shortage of social infrastructure in the supply of senior housing and nursing homes. Due to the ageing of Japan's population, together with a falling birth rate, it has become a pressing issue in the country to create mechanisms which attract investment funds and to provide diversified funding opportunities in order to facilitate the development of these facilities. In 2004, SBI Shinsei Bank started offering healthcare financing as a component of the Real Estate Finance Division ahead of other banks, and subsequently established the Healthcare Finance Division in July 2010. We have made efforts to create extended networks with leading healthcare facility operators all over Japan including both domestic and foreign investors, while building up a solid track record in providing non-recourse loans to healthcare facilities.

Since then,we provided non-recourse loans to a "healthcare infrastructure fund" created by a local securities company for individual investors and to a Singapore-based major medical service development company. SBI Shinsei Bank will continue to actively promote the healthcare finance business as one of our unique business bases.

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