Message to Financial Institution Clients

For decades, SBI Shinsei Bank has created broad transaction relationships with financial institutions involved in all business categories throughout Japan.

In addition to offering asset management and financing products and services for financial institutions, we have actively promoted a type of whole-seller business called the “white label business.” In this business, we bring together our unique product and service development capabilities with the needs of the customers of regional financial institutions. This allows regional financial institutions to offer financial products and services such as structured deposits to their individual and corporate customers under their own respective brands.

Additionally, we support our customers through the provision of the various function of the SBI Shinsei Bank Group such as our guarantee business for unsecured personal loans and housing loans and providing assistance in the evaluation of collateral for asset-backed loans for corporate customers when our financial institution customers undertake such businesses.

We also offer to our retail customers financial products and services offered by our financial institution customers such as insurance companies and securities companies. Through such measures, we promote cooperation with financial institutions in various shapes and forms.

By leveraging the functions and strengths of SBI Shinsei Bank and its Group member companies, as well as enhancing cooperation with regional financial institutions, we look to provide solutions for a wide range of challenges. By engaging in corporate and business revitalization, continuing to accumulate high-quality loan assets, as well as providing growth support, while retaining a focus on risk sharing and local-production and local-consumption, we aim to become a financial group that contributes to regional development, as well as a financial institution that is needed by society and markets.